Aloha, Welcome & Willkommen to Aloha Workshops & Gatherings by Sabine Bryant. AS a family of five we currently resides in Germany but enjoy traveling.  Aloha Werkstatt blog shares inspiration for my creative work for Kinderbonnets, environmentally friendly life choices, and creative craft projects inspired by the simplicity of nature with a deep commitment and love for gathering amongst women and families of young children. Cultivating a sense of community to inspire a sense of self-sufficiency, creativity, and less materialism are my primary intentions for our region.



Aloha Gatherings are held for women and their families.

Women Craft Circles are held each season around the time of the new moon. Each Circle has a theme to honor the season. Women meet to craft with nature, speak about their joy’s and fears, and set intentions for the new season. We nourish our bodies in communion to strengthen our bonds and as self-care for a joyful life while cultivating a sense of community among each other.

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Creative Gatherings for Women

Blessingway for the new Mama …



For a community that is self-sufficient and helps each other. Where we get together to share our skills. A movement against consumerism and materialism towards a more natural & self-sufficient life.

Creative workshops about sewing, knitting, crafting with nature or herb walks to allow women and families to connect and be creative together as self-care practice.

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