Drift Wood Ornaments

Are you looking for a last minute idea to give a bit of nature this christmas?

I made drift wood ornaments for an ornament exchange with friends last year and decided to share them with you. All you need is a trip to the beach for some drift wood. I got a few embellishments at the craft store and simple embroidery thread.

Take your kids to the beach this afternoon or tomorrow to gather drift wood. If you don’t live close to the beach take them into the forest and see if you can find sticks of a similar size.

It will be nice to relax from the busy times of christmas with some time away in nature. Moreover, it can send a gentle reminder of simplicity and the importance of nature to friends when sharing this ornament on a gift you made for them.

i used rocks that my kids collected and small corals. Glue gun works best. The flowers were purchased at a local craft store.

At fist I was hesitatnt to use the two bulkier drift wood pieces shown in the picture above. However, most of the art comes to life in the process thus allowing you to go with the flow and see where things are going. Now they are my favorites.

I wrapped embroidery thread around the top to hang it on a tree or a wrapped gift.

Remember to think simple when wrapping your gifts.

Brown paper sandwich bags, craft paper, or brown packaging paper that is recycled can be re-used and will be simple to let your drift wood ornament stand out. A simple red bow and rosemary or other local branches can make a big impression and are simple to find this season.


Simple gestures wrapped in natural threads, local norfolk pine branches from our Christmas tree farm and a chalk top for the mason jar. A little thank you to a friend.

Our christmas cards last year were made out of brown wrapping paper and a picture we took at a nearby christmas tree farm.

Mele Kalikimaka!


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