Simple Doll Hammock Tutorial

We built this hammock quickly and easily during a play morning in my friends backyard. I found this area so inviting to imaginative play that I thought a hammock would make a great match for my kids dolls.

Below are simple (no sewing machine required) instructions:

What you need:

Fabric (cut into a rectangular piece of your choice – slightly bigger than the doll)

A strong needle

Thick sewing thread (I used hemp)

Fold the edge you wish to make each end of your hammock over. This will add strength to the fabric when the doll lays in it and its pulled on a tree.

Prepare your needle.

As shown below stich into and out of the fabric frequently. Do this from both shorter edges of your rectangle until you reach the opposite side.

Before you pull your thread through it will look like this.

Both shorter edges of your rectangle will look like this.

Gather it slightly and attach it to a tree or anywhere in your home where your kids can enjoy the hammock for their toys.

It is also a great for your children to play independently hanging and moving the hammock practicing how to tie a bow.

Gathering the short edges of the hammock helps to encase your doll and ensures it won’t fall out as easily.

Below is a hammock I made for my daughters second birthday for her doll. This one is sewn and has some reclaimed bamboo to give it strength. You can choose a hammock like this and sew the edges to just use sticks your child finds outside. Let him or her create a hammock too.

My six year old helped with this one for his sisters birthday.

Enjoy and Happy Hammock Making!!!

Mahalo Sabine!


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