Cinnamon Oat Breakfast

My children enjoy oats daily. They eat it every morning weather it was in Hawaii or now back in Germany. In my opinion it is the perfect food to start the active day of a kid while leaving a lot of room for daily variations.

Today we wanted to share our autum/winter oatmeal recipe with you!

*allow your children to help with the prep like measuring oats

*set the table with all other ingredients and light your breakfast candle while the oats cook/simmer

*enjoy your oats then leftovers can be used to oat cookies in the afternoon

Depending on your family size cook 1-2 cups of oats in double the water. If you use quick cooking oats we use boiling water and soak them.

For easy digestion let your oats soak overnight in some lemon juice of ACV. This give

s a great taste, saves your time in the morning, and makes the oats easier on the tummy.

For Winter we cook them with a medium apple peeled, cored, and diced right with the oats to allow them to get soft.

After our oats are cooked we add


*yoghurt or cream

*maple syrup or honey


*sometimes cardamon, vanilla, and a hint of cloves

I am sure you will enjoy this healthy breakfast just as much as your kids. Have fun with the variations:

*fresh berries in the summer

*apples and cinnamon in winter

*pumpkin and pumpkin sprices in autumn

*a special treat are life way chocolate chips (Daddy’s idea – of cause they loved it)

Mahalo for reading and I hope you feel inspired to make your oatmeal breakfast seasonal and different with and for your children.


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