A Makers Space

I feel so honored to have been photographed by talented Eva-Maria Smith of House of Smilla for her Maker series. She came over to my studio/home and just like all the other times when we meet – we flow. We start talking about our creative work, our path to where we are now, our struggles, our German heritage and how all these aspects and our recent travels have shaped our work.

She and her young daughter hung out with me that morning while I sewed a bonnet. We talked about how I came to doing what I do and what my dreams are for Kinderbonnets. I loved this… No one has ever asked me this! Its usually that some think it is something I do on the side that I will drop once my children are in pre-school. However, as my children grow I can slowly dedicate more time to my work and feel that my personal journey brought me here. I decided that, yes >>THIS<< is what I do and I am now very proud of saying this. I may have not taken a path many thought out for me, it wasn’t what was traditionally in many of my friends and relatives heads – but it feels right every time I create, design and >>make<<.

I hope this passion for what I do and my love for designing Kinderbonnets shows in these images. Bare with me while I transfer some of my older blog posts toward this new space and organize this into a place to share what makes my creativity flow.

Aloha Werkstatt (German for Workshop) is an extension of the workshops I host for my community. Next to E-Books, sewing patterns, doll workshops, and sewing instructions on child friendly clothing this blog shares some of the creative aspects of my life and work and what matters to my family and I.

Mahalo for visiting.

Aloha Sabine.


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