Make: Natural Mama – Daughter Necklace

This small tutorial is based on two necklaces I made for  my daughter and I while we lived in Hawaii in 2014. We have always turned to natural and handmade gifts but especially around christmas I wanted to create something unique to connect my two year old daughter and I. I came up with these simple necklaces and a plus was that we were able to gather all the supplies locally.

To this day we enjoy wearing them together and they make a great natural addition to any outfit. We get many compliments and questions about them especially when we say that we didn’t buy but made them.

I hope you enjoy them too.


  • Hemp or Bamboo String
  • different color wooden beads, spools, rings

To keep a smaller environmental footprint check your local craft store for supplies.

I used two different colored hemp strings with a length of 20 inches for children and 25 for adults (if you tie after each bead). I started with this simple technique to keep the wooden ring in a center position. Then placed a small wooden bead, tied, and used the next.

It is truly simple and they last a long time. They make great gifts and if your child is old enough can be done with your child together. Below is an image of my child’s doll with a necklace.


Enjoy, and look for a local workshop to make these with a group of inspiring people soon.

All it takes is supplies, a great group of people and a bit of time.

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