Traveling and Kinderbonnets

My little one has traveled a lot in her short three years of life. From Oahu to the Big Island while still short of two years (which isn’t very unusual though living on the Hawaiian islands at the time) to attend my sisters wedding in 2014 in Germany and then again during our move half way across the world.

We explored the west coast of the mainland from Seattle and the Pacific North West and then continued our travels on the east coast. We explored Washington D.C, Virginia, and North Carolina and then continued to Germany until settling in our new home the west of Germany.

We enjoy traveling but never leave without having a few Bonnets with us for even the shortest trip. Bonnets and hats are important to our littles. Yes, I design and sew tham and its my profession but most importantly because of how they protect our little ones during travels to new places and every day life. During a recent trip to Bavaria and Thuringia I took a few pictures of my little one in her bonnets.


During a visit to the child friendly cafe “Cafe Leander” in Bamberg, Bavaria she wore a vintage inspired sun bonnet. She wore it even inside the cafe. It was a new place and full of parents and their little ones. The noise level was high but I am sure the fabric blocked a little bit of it.

During warm but still brisk morning walks through town, her bonnet kept her head warm, the morning sun out of her eyes, and her ears covered and blocking some of the noise of busy city life.

Protecting their head therefore isn’t just fashion it is important for all children from age 0-7. Especially during infancy a hat on a babies head keeps them from becoming too cold. Later this protective aspect remains but a light hat or bonnet continues to keep some of the noise of our busy lives away from our littles. So its especially important to me on our travels that my children wear hats and bonnets.


In the picture above we walked through a rose garden. My son is waiting for a design of a larger sun hat for this summer and this spring wears a knitted hat from grandma which she gave to him when he was only three. He still enjoys wearing it. Handmade grows with children.

While showing of her moves. My daughter is wearing an organic cotton jumpsuit, triangle scarf (I have a sewing pattern on how to make these), as well as her vintage sun bonnet. All made by mama.


I am often asked about the style and fit of the bonnets. Selling online has its challenges but I try my best. They truly fit for a very long time but it is hard to describe why they do. They are handmade bonnets, designed from heirloom bonnets that my mama kept since my childhood (read the story here) and perhaps your grandma can explain. Nothing back then was made to last for a few weeks or months.

I saw my daughter growing up in these and it wasn’t as much about fashion as it was about protecting her from noise of busy life during city visits in Honolulu, the wind on the shore of Oahu’s beaches, or her face with the intense sunshine.

I saw her growing up in bonnets in Hawaii and hope she will continue to enjoy them for years. Here in Germany or elsewhere in the world. When I recently wore her during her nap in a ring sling I held her head and remembered the time I made the bonnet she was wearing. Each one of the ones she owns is special and I hope that I can somehow show this in the Kinderbonnet that you bought or are interested in.

Visit my page and my Etsy shop for more.





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