Kinderbonnet Summer 2016 Release

I have been sewing and working on a new nature oriented line for the late summer/fall that I am a bit behind on summer kinder bonnets. German spring and summer has been quiet late and very rainy thus I didn’t even realize until we hit July on the calendar.

A lot of my current in stock products are listed in my etsy shop but many aren’t because I dont have enough time for pictures and descriptions for each item. So I though I gather some of the styles I have done and ready to ship here for everyone to see.

If you are interested in a particular bonnet please contact me here or via a etsy conversation and I will list it for you for easy check out. Running this business all on my own has its downfalls at times – like not having enough time to share all the creations I make digitally the way I want it. However, if you are truly interested the best way is always to contact me directly. I love hearing from all of you personally and enjoy communicating about the perfect bonnet for your child.

All sales will be updated on this page behind the description of the bonnet

All bonnets starting at 12 months fit for at least one entire year if not longer. Kinderbonnets are an investment that you can pass on to your grandchildren just like my mom did with the bonnets my daughter now wears.

Sun Bonnet Florals –  24 Euro each


From right top

purple florals 0-3 months

rose florals 6 months

blue florals 2 years

purple florals 6 months

Sun Bonnet Playful Prints – 24 Euro each


From top right

sailboats – 12 months

little bird -3 years

japanese sheep – 2 years

retro florals – 2 years

bikes – 12 months

Sun Bonnets Cotton / Linen – 24 Euro


japanese cotton / linen – 2 years

min linen with trim – 2 years

Sun Bonnet Vintage Style – 24 Euro each


Starting at bottom left

green and blue florals on seersucker – 12 months

Vintage florals blue and dark pink – 2 years (SOLD) custom orders possible

Yellow meadow – 12 months (SOLD)

Blue and green florals – 2 years+

Sun Bonnet Linen Love – 26 Euro each


Age pink and mint green with vintage trim

all are 12 Months size – fit for at least two years

Sport Cap Bonnet – 26 Euro each


fully reversible with ear flap and tie

from top right

turqoise / yellow – 12 months

whale / neutral – 2 years

yellow / neutral – 2 years

turqoise / neutral – 12 months

Reversible Bonnet – 34 Euro each


fits from 2 -4 years

retro fowers – 2 years

neutral linen with flowers / mint green linen – 2 years




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