Herb and Nature Bags

“I enjoy connecting nature and children’s clothing. Not only should clothing for our children be comfortable, give room to climb and explore – while being made of ethically and sustainable materials – but mirror the interests of their childhood.”

Aloha. I decided to write a little story about the making of a new product in my etsy shop and how my children’s nature explorations and how we choose to spend our time influences my creative work.

A few weeks ago I organized an herb walk for some of my crunchy friends in the area. We ventured just a few feet away from my house located in a small German town very close to a nearby forest and many smaller fields that farmers use to grow crops. The beautiful part of the community we now call home is that farming is plentiful but very small scale. Fields are small and the area has many hills. I enjoy seeing meadows naturally grow without much farming, which allows for many herbs to grow, butterflies to spot, and walks to take.

Our guide on the herb walk was a German national but had good English language skills and researched most terms and names of our local herbs in English. As help for myself and the children who accompanied us on the walk we took herb cards from the game wildcraft with us.

Two days later we had beautiful sunny weather (which wasn’t a very usual occurrence this spring and summer in Germany) and I knew I wanted my children to connect with the herbs that grow so close to us. We played the game wildcraft these past two days and I designed a bag for them to carry the cards along and have an opportunity to gather their nature and herb findings. This is how I came up with the nature bags that are now available for you to make in my shop.

The next day my daughter and I ventured into the nearby meadows hoping to find elderberry flowers for syrup and jam. We carried the card for elderberry with us and my daughter enjoyed gathering flowers and rocks along the way. Even I had a nature bag with me. Read about how I made Elderflower Jelly and Syrup HERE

When I sewed the bags I wanted to use natural materials I had on had. I have plenty of wool yarn, which I inherited from my grandma. Furthermore, I used left over wooden plates I once used on a garland. They are now part pendant, part closure (when flipped from one side to the other), and are where I write my children’s and customers children’s initials. The fabric used is the same local linen I use when making skirts, pants, and aprons for my children. Most of them are organic and fairly produced.

Another feature that makes these nature bags special are the individual nature prints that are made with either pressed fern or handmade stamps using fabric ink. I enjoy using this technique adding handmade and highly customized features to each one of the bags and clothing that I create. My children and I gather them on walks in our neighborhood.


I enjoy connecting nature and children’s clothing. Not only should clothing for our children be comfortable, give room to climb and explore – while being made of ethically and sustainable materials – but mirror the interests of their childhood.

I am looking forward to a few community workshops at the end of summer and autumn. Focusing on not only the way clothes and accessories are made but educate about materials used, and how to customize and incorporate your children in the making of these wonderful garments. This a newfound passion of mine.

If you want to buy the children herb and nature bag you can do so by visiting my Etsy shop. Every order includes a small postcard to relate the bag and where it comes from to your own child. You can show him/her and start your adventures.


For Nature Bags:


In the coming months there will be workshops in my local community. For more information visit my website to read about the newest Aloha Workshop Gatherings.
And a downloadable online tutorial for my virtual community is available for purchase in my etsy shop.


“If we treach our children to care for nature now, they will care about nature in the future.”

***I am hosting a giveaway of two “Herb and Nature Bags” with House of Smilla.***

The giveaway has ended and the winners were announced.

Mahalo for your support!



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