Make: A Clutch for Mama

I am usually busy sewing bonnets or clothing for my children. I rarely sew for myself but as my children grow I hope to sew for myself a bit more. One project this spring was a simple quickly sewn clutch which I use to keep some of the marketing material for Kinderbonnets on hand and my book size agenda to handle the busy life of a mama.

Want to make one too? Lets do it.

You can choose any fabric you like for this project. If both fabrics are cotton use a fusible fabric to give your clutch some structure. I used a felted wool fabric called (walk) thus didn’t need the added fusible.

What you need:

  • two rectangles of your choice of fabric (size: )
  • thread
  • chord, bias tape / snap buttons / or magnetic buttons
  • fabric scraps for a small applique

To sew:

  • sewing machine
  • needles
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat (optional)


Below are step by step instructions under each photograph:



cut two rectangles of each fabric. apply any embroidery or appliqué now.



Pin the first fabric. Fold over the botton edge until the bag measures
Ensure your appliqué is on the inside.

Repeat this step with your second fabric.



Sew along the edge of the pinned area.



Turn one of your fabrics right side out (in my case the mint wool fabric). Now take the fabric that is right side out and slide it into the opening of the other fabric until all corners are alined. Ensure that both right sides face each other. Both wrong sides (seams visible) are on the outside and inside of the bag.

If you are using magnetic buttons you may need to attach them during this step (ensure you follow the instructions on your purchase box.



Pin both bags together paying specific attention to the corners and the seams aligned.

Hide your ribbon to close the clutch with a button in the center of the top flap. The loop is on the insde



Now sew along leaving a 3 inch opening as indicated in the picture.



Turn the bag inside out. With two fingers grab the bottom edge of the bag through the opening and pull it through until you have the entire bag and the right sides visible. Your embroidery or appliqué will now be visible too.

Sew along the three inch whole to close it. Now attach your button.

If you choose to use snap buttons or magnetic buttons follow the instructions on the purchase box.

Done! Share your clutch on my fb page or here in the comments.



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