My November Mother Blessing

One year ago I had a mother blessing two weeks exactly before the birth of our third. A profound time with 5 strong women as we sat on sheepskin on the mossy grounds of a forest floor of moss and fallen autumn leaves and filled with beautiful strong pine trees. This blessing, the women, and trees carried me through the next weeks until my sons birth and postpartum time.


I actually couldn’t wait to take my son “back” to the place where we gathered and empowered each other and held space for me as a women and acknowledged my power to birth the way I choose to. I returned with him 6 weeks later for a walk and sat in the same space nursing him.


I wish every women such a profound experience away from gifts and showers but a bond between women that you feel deeply and long after you gave birth. For no material gift can replace the way these women made me feel that day – it made all the difference.


All Photography at my blessing was discreetly taken by Eva Creel.

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