Welcome and Aloha to “Wahine” – Sacred Birth Journey. Wahine (wäˈhēnē) is Hawaiian and means woman.

The main focus of my time with women during their journey to becoming a mother lies with a heartfelt desire to facilitate mindfulness practices, various forms of art, ritual, ceremony, and the importance of postpartum health into this special time in a woman’s life.

Not just your baby is born during birth but throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum you are on a spiritual journey as a woman (wahine). You are reborn as a mother each time you give birth and travel in and out of your own labyrinth coming out stronger and more knowledgeable than before. My goal is to be by you and your families side as a companion, childbirth mentor, and postpartum doula to allow for the journey to be directed by you, with all the ups and downs. My work does not exclude caring for women who experience loss and early miscarriage on their journey. I extend my services to all pregnant people.

I am a mother of three and have been married for 13 years. I was born in Germany but have lived in England, Spain, the US mainland and O’ahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands. Living in Hawaii, experiencing community, ritual around pregnancy, and my first blessingway for a soon-to-be-mother has influenced me personally and professionally. Transitioning from my field of marketing and design to owning my own creative business eventually turned into focusing on working with women and young families. I believe it has been my hearts journey as all paths lead here.

As a woman, mother and traveler I have been influenced by many cultures and customs over the years. My life experiences and further education greatly influence my work as an artist, workshop facilitator, and doula.

I am passionate about empowering you on YOUR personal journey to motherhood.  I am excited to exploring what lies within you, while working with your hands can offer transformation, trust in your innate abilities, sense of self-worth, and the strength to give birth on your terms.

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