I am taking Aloha Workshops on the road. Our family enjoys traveling and weather you are in Germany or the US we may be close enough to you to conduct a workshop with you and your friends while we are on our travels.

Some workshops need to be paid for and planned more extensively (like doll workshops) and others can be conducted with less preparation and we can seek out fabric and supplies creatively. Payment varies and isn’t limited to money but friends sharing their cities history and sights with our family.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Reversible / Triangle Scarf Workshop
  • Skirt Workshop
  • Simple Doll Clothing Workshop (includes E-Book)
  • Vintage & Upcycled Doll Dresses

Special Offer for Groups of 3-5:

  • MAKE it yourself: Kinderbonnet

Doll Workshops

  • 40 cm Doll (requires 4 nights of up to 4 hours time)
  • 30 cm Doll (requires 4 nights of up to 3 hours time)

Interested? Contact me for more information. info (at)